My Testimony 

I’m extremely thankful that I was able to record my testimony and be able to put it out for all to see in hope and prayer that it would reach people that have not heard about the grace and mercy of God.

To be totally honest at the time of my accident I had no idea that I was capable of helping other people because of the circumstances I found myself in. I have learned through my struggles that if I make myself less in life and God more I am at peace more than I thought was possible.


I’m excited to announce I will be sharing my testimony on air at NewLife FM 90.7 in Atlanta, GA, June 9th 4:30 pm! You can listen live at this link –> Click Here!


I recently had the opportunity to share my testimony at The Lighthouse FM in St. Marys, GA May 27th. It was extremely awesome and very humbling to see God work in the lives of people touched by me because I was being obedient and doing His will in sharing my testimony. The thing is it’s not about me, it never has been, it’s all about God and sharing His grace so that when I come in contact with people who are lost, hurting, failing, and struggling in life they see how He transformed my life and that He is willing to do the same in their life.  I have absolutely know idea where God is leading me on this journey but I’m willing to follow because I would be nothing without Him.

I’ll be traveling with my buddies band Falling Kansas that I manage on June 13th to Atlanta, GA where they will perform in this years AtlantaFest!

The Lighthouse Radio WECC 89.3 FM

I’m excited to announce in two weeks I’ll be sharing my testimony live on the radio for the youth at The Rock in Saint Marys, GA! Please be in prayer that lives are changed for the glory of God! To listen live click here –> The Lighthouse or you can download the app TuneIn Radio from your app store on iPhone or Android. Then search for The Lighthouse 89.3.

Be sure to like The Lighthouse Facebook page at

May 27, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

The Lighthouse WECC 89.3

5465 HWY 40 E

Saint Marys, Georgia 31558

Inspiring Music

Every now and then you come across a song that makes you feel truly blessed and humbled to know the God loves you unconditionally. Well, this song does just that for me. As I listen to it I can’t help but find myself being perfectly still, eyes shut, and completely in awe of all He has done for me. So here’s a song by Elevation Worship – Grace So Glorious to lift your spirits for today as your weekend begins. God Bless!