I’m excited to announce I will be sharing my testimony on air at NewLife FM 90.7 in Atlanta, GA, June 9th 4:30 pm! You can listen live at this link –> Click Here!


I recently had the opportunity to share my testimony at The Lighthouse FM in St. Marys, GA May 27th. It was extremely awesome and very humbling to see God work in the lives of people touched by me because I was being obedient and doing His will in sharing my testimony. The thing is it’s not about me, it never has been, it’s all about God and sharing His grace so that when I come in contact with people who are lost, hurting, failing, and struggling in life they see how He transformed my life and that He is willing to do the same in their life.  I have absolutely know idea where God is leading me on this journey but I’m willing to follow because I would be nothing without Him.

I’ll be traveling with my buddies band Falling Kansas that I manage on June 13th to Atlanta, GA where they will perform in this years AtlantaFest!

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